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What is Vipassana Meditation?

Vipassana is a Pali word formed by combining two words, Vi and Passana. Vi means in a special way or various ways and Passana is to see. The term Vipassana can be best explained in such a way as to have penetrating insight or understanding into the true nature of the physical and mental phenomena in this world; impermanence, dissatisfaction and selflessness.

Vipassana meditation utilizes the principle of mindfulness of body, feeling, mind and mind-object as a method of mind training that leads to enlightenment. It is a simple and skilful method which brings great benefit to one who practices it.

What are the benefits of meditation?

The benefits to be enjoyed when one practices this kind of Vipassana meditation are many, such as to conquer boredom when being alone, and be free from fear, dread, stress, worry, pressure etc. One be more tolerant of the climate, food and different situations. And finally one can be liberated from all kinds of physical and mental suffering.

Why do I need to do meditation?

Everybody hopes to live happily and peacefully in this world. You may be one of them and that's why everybody is searching for happiness. Worldly happiness may turn into unhappiness sometimes and it is just temporary. The happiness with meditation is true and real. As long as you meditate, you will maintain happiness. Don't take our word, just "come and see".

What are the benefits of being a member of PSMC?

The Panditarama Sydney Meditation Centre (PSMC) is a non-profit organization supported by those who have kindness and generosity. With the support of your membership, we can continue organizing many programs and activities including Dhamma talks, lectures on Vipassana meditation, Buddhist cultural training courses for children, Buddhist cultural celebrations and monthly food fairs.

Your support will also go towards the current centre's fund, plans to build a new centre for meditators, daily expenses and continuing improvements for this centre.

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It is a great opportunity for you to be familiar with Dhamma. Moreover, you can be on intimate terms with our current members, and exchange and share your meditation experience with others. In addition, you can have close discussion with our Sayadaw U Pannathami about Dhamma and meditation.

The PSMC members are also entitled to the following benefits:
  •     Participate in PSMC's activities (Dhamma talks, lectures on meditation, etc) free of charge during membership terms
  •     Borrow Dhamma books and audio CDs from our library
  •     Be connected with PSMC at all times so that you will be the first one to know what the latest news is on PSMC
The centre exists with the support of your kindness and generosity.

What is my donation used for?

Your donation will go towards the funds of the current centre, plans to build the new centre for meditators, daily expenses and continuing improvements to the current centre. It will also support us to continue organizing weekly programs and events such as Buddhist cultural celebrations, Dhamma talks, lectures on meditation classes and monthly food fairs.

Can I make my donation (Dana) other than money?

Yes, you can. We have regular Buddhist cultural celebrations, monthly food fairs and other events. You just simply contribute a little of your spare time and kindness to participate in these activities. Find out more on upcoming events.

Alternatively, you can contribute your kindness and generosity by donating food to our Sayadaw and bringing along your friends to our monthly events. See map to find out where we are.

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We do appreciate any donations.

How can I make suggestions about your centre?

To provide a better service to you, we provide the feedback form and we are happy to receive any suggestions or questions from you regarding our centre. Click here to send us feedback.


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