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It is a big day

Saturday, 11 October 2008 14:00

Our one month meditation retreat is successfully passing through, it's final week. During this three weeks we had about 8 to 10 yogis on weekdays and about 20 to 25 yogis on weekends. Everyday there are donors for breakfast & lunch.We are very grateful for their honoured breakfast & lunch offers.

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On the last day of Meditation retreat (12th October), we will pay respect to elder people who are over 75 years old. Candle lighting ceremonies will be followed about 6:00pm.

In addition, we will conduct Buddhish Offerings - Food Offering festival on the same day.

On 18th October a Kathina Ceremony will be performed. The Ceremony starts from 11:00 am. Robes will be offered to the Sangha on that day. One set of robe cost A$ 30.00. Everybody is welcomed to the ceremony and to offer robes.

The centre is planning to do a PERGOLA just outside of Dhammaryone(Meditation hall) complete with paved floors, to enable yogis to do walking meditation. To save energy we intend to install solar systems for centre. Estimated cost could be bout A$ 20,000. Government will subsidise 50% of the cost. Anybody who wants to donate any amount are welcomed.


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